Кроссовки Gallus (40/41/42/46), Киев. Кроссовки gallus

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Machinery by brand : GALLUS second hand, used
Ref Type BrandModelYear Price 
08757IntermittentGALLUST200200728 000 €
08819LetterpressGALLUSR160198132 000 €
08780IntermittentGALLUST200-33 000 €
08903FlexoGALLUSECS 3402015507 000 €


Кроссовки Gallus (40/41/42/46) за 1 200 грн/пара. Купить в Киеве. Выгодные цены на Zakupka.com







Производитель Gallus
Страна производства Италия
Пол унисекс
Сезон лето
Сроки действия скидки с 14.01.2018 по 13.04.2018


Обувь и все для Туризма., город Киев, работающий более 4 лет на портале Zakupka.com предлагает купить товар - Кроссовки Gallus (40/41/42/46)

100% Товар новый!

100% Оригинал!Отличные качественные кроссовки.Кроссовки Gallus- фирменные кроссовки.

Подошва - пенка плюс резина.

Под стелькой не бумага а специальная прошитая ткань.

Отличные кроссовки! Будут  носится долго..

Товар можно посмотреть

метро Черниговская рынок Юность 2 обойный ряд 52/54 места.

0975269541 Александр

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Gallus – the men’s shoe brand with tradition celebrates its 130th birthday

Gallus – the men’s shoe brand with tradition celebrates its 130th birthday

Most men prefer straightforward shoes with no frills: high-quality, hard-wearing leather, first class finish, traditional forms and above all comfort. This could be a statement straight from the 1920ies. That this would still apply in 2010 and that even customers in the far away Gulf States would buy Gallus men’s shoes, could definitely not have been foreseen by the shoemaker and founder of the Gallus brand, Heinrich Vogels.

The story of the Gallus men’s shoe begins 130 years ago. In 1880, Heinrich Vogels founded his shoe factory in Mönchengladbach, where he initially mainly produced robust working shoes. 20 years later, around 1900, he employed 80 members of staff who produced 150 to 200 pairs of shoes a day. The gloomy economic situation after the First World War had a disastrous effect on sales; however, things picked up again during the “Golden Twenties”. In the mid thirties, the production plant in Mönchengladbach could no longer keep up with demand and the company relocated to Dülken in 1938. A decisive factor for the move was the opportunity to extend the production plant from about 2,000 to 7,000 square metres, a production hall at ground level and the vicinity to three tanneries.

At the same time, renamed his enterprise and entered his company under the name “Gallus Herrenschuhfabrik” [Gallus men’s shoe factory] in the register of commerce. The name Gallus goes back to the Göttingen-based industrialist family Hahn of whom Heinrich Vogels obtained the rights to the brand in the 1930ies. The cock (Gallus in Latin), which from then on adorned the company logo, stood for high-quality, distinctly masculine and at the same time comfortable men’s shoes – and does so to this day.

Gallus shoes enjoy an excellent reputation

At the end of the Second World War, Vogels employed 600 women and men and produced about 1,200 pairs of shoes a day. The shoe industry experienced a boom in the 1950ies and 1960ies as a result of which the production plants had to be extended twice. In the 60ies, the number of pairs produced exceeded the one-million mark for the first time. The number of employees rose to about 1,000. Branches were set up in Hückelhoven and Wassenberg and the export to other European countries and to the Gulf Region and the Far East boomed. Here, Gallus shoes enjoyed an excellent reputation, being regarded as the guarantor for shoes of the highest quality.

In the 1970ies, Bernd and Peter Vogels managed the company in fourth generation and saw it thrive. A second plant was established in Wolfsberg/ Carinthia in Austria by taking over a local enterprise. In 1972, the Wolfsberg production plant was extended from 8,000 to 30,000 square metres. About 30 percent of the turnover was generated by exporting to other European countries – Great Britain, Finland, Switzerland, Norway and Denmark – as well as to the Gulf States and some African states. In 1973, Gallus Austria produced about a third of all shoes produced in Austria.

In 1979/80, the turnover of Gallus Austria was about 30 million D-Mark. The company employed 290 staff, who produced about 3,200 pair of men’s shoes a day. In Germany, Gallus produced about 4,000 pairs of men’s shoes per day in 1979, employing 450 staff, generating a turnover of about 45 million D-Mark. In the same year, Gallus applied for a patent for the Liberty brand and expanded its range of products by comfort and functionable shoes.

Heinrich Vogels (*1840) and his descendants managed the company until 1997 when a Dutch company took over the Gallus Group. Employing about 1,000 staff, the company produced about two million pairs of shoes per year. After the closure of the German location in 2000, the entire production was moved to Austria. Since 2005, the brand belongs to Swiss DOSENBACH-OCHSNER AG, an enterprise of the DEICHMANN Group.

Gallus – the best foot climate around

The lining of Gallus shoes, the so-called CLIMA product lining consists of a patented 3-layered special fibre, which completely absorbs the moisture inside the shoe. The CLIMA inner sole is breathable and provides optimal air circulation. Moisture is led outside and the foot inside the shoe remains cool and dry without developing unpleasant odours. The latest generation of the CLIMA technology is “Gallus Clima+”: it consists in the integration of a perforated outsole, which in conjunction with the air-permeable and breathable interior of the Gallus shoe enables permanent air circulation inside the shoe. In addition, the CLIMA technology prevents water from getting inside the shoe.

Gallus-Schuhe offers a wide range of men’s shoes: from elegant-classic business shoes via leisure-oriented slip-ons and lace-ups up to sporty sneakers. The summer provides a great choice of open and semi-open sandals or comfortable slip-ons. The prices range from Euro 39.90 and 59.90 Euro. From 6th September to 2nd October, customers in the over 1,100 DEICHMANN branches can enjoy a discount of ten percent for each pair of Gallus shoes they buy.

Media Contact:

DEICHMANN SE Mode- und Produkt-PR Michèle Leyendecker Deichmannweg 9, 45359 Essen Fon: +49 (0) 201 / [email protected]

kes-pr – Gudrun Schäfers Auf dem Schurweßel 5 53347 Alfter Fon: +49 (0) 228 – 91 25 [email protected]


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Gallus Labelfire

Innovative quality of the highest standardWith the Gallus Labelfire 340, the engineers at Gallus and Heidelberg have succeeded in developing a highly innovative digital converting system. The compact digital production system combines unrivalled UV inkjet printing quality and maximum-efficiency digital printing with the inline productivity and speed of flexographic printing. It goes without saying that this industrial inkjet press system also meets Gallus’s high standards in terms of register accuracy.

Eight-colour printing system for a bigger colour gamut.

Semi-rotatry die-cutter for minimised tool costs and a wide choice of substrates.

Improved resolution and offset qualityThe new Gallus Labelfire 340 digital production system enables label printers to achieve levels of print quality that match those of high-resolution offset printing. This is reflected in the native (physical) resolution of 1,200 × 1,200 dpi with a droplet size of just 2 pl and up to 200 grey scale values, corresponding to a visual resolution of 2,400 × 2,400 dpi. The high physical resolution of the inkjet heads offers a real advantage, particularly when it comes to small symbols and characters as well as fine lines and gradients down to zero percent. The smallest droplet size in the printing industry to date results in smooth, satin-finished surfaces, improved ink adhesion and curing and minimal ink consumption. The unique shaped inkjet print head enables seamless inkjet head stitching, resulting in a smooth print across the entire web. The combination of digital white, CMYK, the colour space enlargement colours orange, violet and green, as well as 7-colour separation mean the Gallus Labelfire press system can cover a large portion of the Pantone colour space. All of this is made possible by the use of specially developed screen and colour management algorithms that Heidelberg has been utilising with great success in its offset prepress solutions for decades.

Inter Color Pinning ensures excellent printing quality and a wide choice of substrates.

The unique rhombic shape of the heads makes it easier to achieve a seamless fit between the heads to create a smooth colour progression.

Digital flexibilityThe Gallus Labelfire 340 is a system with an end-to-end logical operating concept that integrates digital printing with conventional printing and further processing. Labels are produced inline in a single production operation – from the unprinted roll to the matrix-stripped end product. A key benefit of the Gallus Labelfire press system is its outstanding flexibility. The digital printing unit even enables cost-effective production of runs with variable data, versioning and short runs.

Inline processing in a single stepTried-and-tested integrated Gallus ECS modules support the digital flexibility of the Gallus Labelfire 340 printing unit in delivering top print quality. The strengths of digital printing combined with those of the inline further processing operations of a conventional label printing press optimised for digital printing open up a wide variety of possibilities. For the first time, labels can be varnished, laminated, embellished with cold foil and die-cut in a single operation. The conventional modules support the use of primer, spot colour, security or cold foil features, varnish or lamination without interrupting production, and regardless of the complexity of the label. Even before digital printing, the Gallus Labelfire is able to combine special effects such as metallic or neon colours or flexo white and add spot colours.

Maximum flexibility in substratesThe Gallus Labelfire 340 digital press system offers label printers an unprecedented variety of substrates. The UV inkjet system and a droplet size of just 2 pl in the inline finishing process generally removes the need for additional priming or varnishing. Coated path rollers, pressure arms and a cooling roller mean the industrial inkjet system is suitable for processing temperature-sensitive and thin substrates. The eight-colour printing system also delivers high levels of flexibility when it comes to applications, with no change-over to additional digital colours being required, e.g. the use of digital white. Following prepress preparation, data for job changes is easily uploaded at the touch of a button via the integrated Gallus HMI touchscreen control panel that also controls the digital and conventional Gallus Labelfire modules with the same operating logic. Regardless of the material and die-cutting line length, most common substrates can be die-cut at constant speeds thanks to the semi-rotary die-cutting unit. Direct matrix removal ensures clean and constant print results, even for complex die-cutting contours of up to 50 m/min.

Pinning module with light trap for ensuring dots have sharp edges.

The tried-and-tested modular system of the Gallus ECS 340 opti-mises the flexibility of the Gallus Labelfire 340.

The fully integrated Gallus HMI is the central operating station that controls conventional and digital modules.

The cooling rollers of the main drying sys-tem enable printing on thin substrates.

Optional slitter avail-able in rotary blade or razor blade design.

The tried-and-tested modular system of the Gallus ECS 340 opti-mises the flexibility of the Gallus Labelfire 340.

Exceptional productivityThe digital flexibility of the new Gallus Labelfire 340 enjoys unprecedented levels of integration thanks to conventional application modules.

Maximum integration for ultimate productivityAs an optimum industrial production system, the Gallus Labelfire 340 excels when it comes to short and medium runs that extend beyond the conventional 300 to 500 linear metres. A single operation is all that is required from substrate to the finished roll of labels, with no need for production or machine stops for completion or further processing. The inkjet module with a print speed of up to 50 m/min forms the basis of the production technology. This speed is achieved regardless of the number of colours used and at maximum resolution. The eight-colour printing system extends the colour gamut without having to switch to additional Pantone and spot colours. Factors such as the option to produce multiple jobs in a single job container without stopping the press deliver further productivity boosts.

Print functionsThe digital front end of the Gallus Labelfire 340 delivers a number of impressive practical functions including spot colour matching, the PDF Toolbox and Prepress Manager, to name but a few. All conventional print functions available meet the requirements for efficient production of short runs through optimised setup times, minimal waste and tool costs. In addition, the double rewinders enable rapid changeovers and crossed winding of small narrow rolls and also support minimal setup times.

Semi-rotary die-cutter with compensator.

The double rewinder enables interlaced winding of small reels and setup during production.

Dependable reliabilityFor more than 90 years, the motto at Gallus has been “success and security for the labelprinter”. Collaboration with Heidelberg, a partner with decades of experience in digital prepress and solid press engineering, created the perfect conditions for the development of a unique industrial inkjet production system in the form of the Gallus DCS 340.

The latest inkjet technologyThe Gallus Labelfire 340 combines the superior, highly innovative UV drop-on-demand inkjet technology with tried-and-tested Gallus ECS 340 modules that form the base machine. In addition, the digital press system features inkjet printing heads with a service life of several years, even in two-shift operation. Automatic maintenance and cleaning cycles deliver high levels of system reliability and uptime. What’s more, the Gallus Labelfire 340 features proprietary processes developed by AVT and Heidelberg to assure outstanding digital printing quality during a print run.

The user-friendly Gallus Labelfire 340 HMI touchscreen control panel has been tried and tested in the label industry and enables label printers to master complex digital printing processes and the combination of conventional methods. The uniquely shaped inkjet printing head makes it possible to achieve seamless head stitching, resulting in smooth, streak-free print quality across the entire web. The Prinect front end from Heidelberg established among offset printers automates the prepress workflow and, in the Gallus Labelfire, delivers efficient data processing, digital offset printing quality and comprehensive colour management.

Inspection system for ensuring quality is consistent.

Future-proofed profitabilityThe unique Gallus Labelfire 340 is designed with the future in mind. Reductions in tool costs as well as waste and setup times mean the industrial inkjet production system is raising the bar in terms of digital label printing profitability, even with short runs and versioned jobs.

The Gallus Labelfire digital press system combines the speed of flexographic printing with the efficiency of digital printing. Digital technology facilitates variable data processing and versioning in label printing, supporting the cost-effective production of short and medium runs over 500 metres. In addition, digital printing means job-specific fixed costs and costs for versioning and customisation can be reduced.

The Gallus Labelfire 340 conventional printing functions also deliver additional finishing options and inline further processing, e.g. varnishing, laminating and die-cutting. The semi-rotary die-cutting unit also delivers further benefits – printers can re-use existing die-cutting plates, meaning fewer new ones are required and thereby reducing procurement costs for these. The fair, consumption- dependent business model ensures that ink prices and service provision reflect the market and that customers benefit directly from the process optimisation achieved.


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